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Cowford Regulators next match April 21st & 22nd, Cowford Stampede Annual. 

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Cowboy Action Shooting

Jacksonville, Florida

Howdy Pardners,

We're glad you stopped by, cause we is  right friendly folk around these parts, even if our business is slinging lead!  We would like to give you an invite to git yer guns and come out and shoot with us Regulators.


Shoot'n Time:

Usually the 4th Saturday of the month: Registration at 8:00  and Shooter's meeting at 8:30 summertime and 9:00 a.m. winter time, with match to follow.


Directions:  The spread we shoot at is called the Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club, which is off 103rd Street, 'bout two miles west of the 103rd Street and I-295 inter-change right here on Cowford's westside (that's Jacksonville fer you city folk).  So get off at 103rd Street, head west (cause that's the only way us cow-pokes know) fer about two miles to just past the second cell tower on the left side of 103rd Street, then go right on Lambing, left on Noroad, then right on Zambito to our spread.  See Map Link.


Say Hello to Buckshot!

That's our fearless steed. And as you might figure, us cowboys and cowgirls do a fair amount of shoot'n off ol ole Buckshot, caus'n us cowboys don't much cotton to walk'n.  But don't you city folk fret now, Buckshot ain't throwed nobody off,      Yet!


What Do We Do?  We Have Fun!

We dress up like cowboys and cowgirls, call ourselves by alias names like Fancy Pants (that's me, the web wrangler), and shoot targets on different stages with single action six shooters, pistol caliber rifles, and old fashion double barrel shotguns.  You know, the same kind of shoot'n irons them cowboys used back in the 1800's.  And oh yea, we always have a good story to go along with all the shoot'n, called a Scenario.  Like the time the Clanton gang caught you in the barber chair, with yer pistols hanging on the hat rack!  Whew, they were going to help the barber part yer hair, only they intended using their Colt 45's to do it!  Why if'n you hadn't had yer Winchester under the barber's sheet . . .  Well, you see what I mean.  That's why they call it Cowboy Action Shoot'n.  And most times it takes both pistols, yer rifle and scatter gun to get yerself out of trouble on each stage; and thars about five or six stages.


We're a SASS affiliated club

Fer you greenhorns, that means we put safety and "Spirit of the Game" first and "gamesmanship" (or winning) second.  So if'n you just want to have fun, you'll be right at "Home on the Range" with us!



Want to Hitch-Up with our Outfit?

Well, reck'on yer going to need some more information, cause sometimes us Cowboys are riding on In'jun time, (that means when we say "high noon," it might be a little one way or another), and our spread ain't exactly on the main trail, anyhow.  So here's how you can get aholdt of some of our Club members fer the "low down."  Start at the top of the following list if'n you're a right peaceable and friendly cowpoke, caus'n that thar first feller is the Sheriff.  But if'n you're just plain mean and ornery, start at the bottom.


*And If'n you just want to get on our E-mail List, just send ole

Fancy Pants an E-mail at  and say "add me to the Cowford List" for all the cowboy action.



Misfire Mordecai


(aka Jake Mehrman), Sheriff, 904-316-0644 



Willy Whiskers

(aka Todo Todorsky), Territorial Governor, 904-683-5624


Southern Slim


(aka Rick Frascells),  Sheriff Emeritus, 904-704-7050 


Doc Monday

(aka Joe Parido), Deputy Sheriff 



General Lee Smokey 



(Jerry Donham), Sheriff Emeritus 904-803-2930 


Rattle Snake Sams



(aka Charles Sams), Wells Fargo Agent, 904-333-6175 


Semper Fi Cowboy


(aka Vic Vickers), Deputy Sheriff,  904-864-2469

Lucky Luke Cottonwood


(aka George Miley), Deputy Sheriff, 904-449-5832 


Oregon Kid




(aka David Kelley), Deputy Sheriff, 904-704-9231


Hoorah Hank



(aka Steve Gale), Wells Fargo Agent, 904-703-4750 


Dakota Dutchman

(aka Danny Herold), Scorekeeper, 904-588-8004

Red Bear Haroldsson

(aka Dave Gough, Deputy Sheriff, 904-463-3356 

The Reaper

(aka Paul Bloom, Deputy Sheriff, 904-334-1566 

Pocket Rocket

(aka Tina Parker, Deputy Sheriff, 407-340-0017


(aka Lowell Nelsen, Deputy Sheriff, 904-463-3356

E-Mails of other Cowford Regulators & SASS Cowboys

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